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Here you will find some pictures and information about wolves.

Wolves are the largest members of the canid family. This is the species from which our pet dogs were domesticated. Wolves were once the most widely distributed wild mammals. They inhabited most of the available land in the northern hemisphere. Due to the destruction of their habitat and persecution by humans, they now occupy only about two-thirds of their former range worldwide, and only about 3 percent of the continental 48 United States. Many people have used the terms "brush wolves" or "prairie wolves" when referring to coyotes. Coyotes, however, are not wolves. Coyotes and wolves are in the same family (Canidae) and genus (Canis), but are separate species (lupus instead of latrans), just as foxes and wolves are separate species.

Although most commonly refered to as the grey wolf, wolves come in every color gradation from jet black to pure white. Those wolves living in heavily forested areas are usually darker, while wolves of the Artic regions are mainly white. Earlier pictures of the darker or black wolf only aided the association of wolves with evil, while in truth, the color of the wolf's coat is mearly natural habitat adaptation. In reality, the wolf coexists in harmony with man as a vital part of the animal food chain.

Wolf pups from about three weeks old, spend most of their time playing among themselves to establish dominance in the pack. This play often turns into fighting, which can become very rough at times. This playing and caressing with their litter mates is a bonding pattern. Once they have settled their social rank, which usually takes place within a week or two, there is very little actual fighting among them. They do however continue to play roughly but don't actually fight.

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